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     Welcome to Mancini’s Pizza, Deli, & Café.  At Mancini’s our food is realizzato da zero (from scratch) using the finest ingredients. We use only olive oil in our pizza dough and sautés, as well as the best flour, tomatoes, fresh vegetables, and local meats and cheeses. We strive to use local organic farms and markets for our seasonal produce.  Our sandwich steak, sausage, and ground beef is from Fishers Meats in Lewisburg. We use Aiello Brothers Cheese (Sun-RE) from Sunbury for our fresh mozzarella, ricotta, grated cheese, and Impastata for our cannoli filling. Our Swiss and cheddar is from Penn Cheese in Winfield. 
     The Mancini branch of our Family is from Marina Di San Vito in The Province of Chieti, Abruzzi, Located on the Adriatic Coast of Italy. My Great Grandfather Justine Mancini moved to the Williamsport area in the early 1900’s. The spelling was changed to Mancine when He arrived to the new country. We have changed it back to the original spelling. Some of our other families from the Williamsport area are the Tironie’s, Palermo’s, and Pulluzi’s. We are not related as far as we know to the Mancini’s that had the Restaurant across the river in the 50’s and 60’s, but have heard great things about them and can only hope that our reputation for excellent food lasts for decades to come.
     I have been in The Pizza and Italian Restaurant for over 30 years and have worked at over 30 Restaurants from San Diego CA. to the Jersey Shore, as well as in Maine and Vermont. I started in the business in the area working at many local pizzerias in Milton, Lewisburg, Selinsgrove and Muncy. I have combined my experience, recipes, and general knowledge of Italian foods and pizza and incorporated them into my menu. Our Food is homemade with pride; although it is time consuming we would not have it any other way. Nothing here comes frozen and pre prepared. Our Sautés, Alfredo, vodka sauces and others are made to order. When you order a grilled chicken salad or chicken cheesesteak we actually start with fresh chicken breast. We actually make our eggplant from fresh eggplant…..You get the idea. Taste the Mancini’s difference, good wholesome food made great.

From our family to Yours, Bouno Appetito.

David and Tina Smith and Family. Mancini’s Pizza

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